teen sittingI have worked with teens in New Jersey on a variety of clinical mental issues for over twenty years and welcome the opportunity to answer questions pertaining to adolescent issues at any time.

Adolescence is a time of critical importance in every person’s life.  As teens mature, they continually develop and refine many of the coping skills they will need to use throughout adulthood. It is also a time of experimentation, as the young person often develops skills to live and act independently during these years.

This period of transition can be both rewarding and frustrating to adolescents and their families. Teenagers sometimes reveal problems pertaining to alcohol or substance abuse, defiant behavior, anxiety, depression, self-harm or school performance issues. If these problems arise, he or she may demonstrate a need for professional assistance in order for these concerns to be resolved. In most circumstances, the teen is aware of the issues creating hardship in their lives, but maybe reluctant to initiate dialogue with family or school counselors due to embarrassment or fear. Many times the behaviors or problems present themselves before the teen asks for help.

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