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I have more than 20 years of experience offering effective treatment for alcohol & substance abuse, sexual & process addiction counseling & mental health services. I also specialize in forensic psychology, clinical legal services and interventions for professionals.
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New Jersey counseling and mental health services. Service areas include Mercer, Somerset, Middlesex, and Hunterdon Counties in New Jersey, and the broader tri-state area.

Call (609) 333-1096, e-mail, or contact me online for an appointment.

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My story: struggles and success

“From the ashes comes new life.” I closely identify with this phrase. At one point I thought that my life was over with no one to guide me and no reason to live. I felt hopelessly trapped by addiction, depression, and anxiety until I was able to set aside my pride and ask for help. I received the assistance I needed through counseling and self-help communities. I clearly remember my isolation, loneliness, and despair.

I have never forgotten those who guided me and instilled in me the passion “to pay it forward” and assist others.

My work and passion have always and continue to focus on assisting individuals, couples, and families in order to address, cope and accept life’s challenges. It is my belief that “pain shared is pain lessened.”

Specialties include:

Addiction treatment

Addiction can manifest in the abuse of alcohol or other substances, or as a process addiction such as compulsive gambling, work, shopping, or sex addiction.

Anger management

Treatment involves one-on-one counseling for those who experience episodes of anger that are disturbing because of their frequency, intensity, or duration and are considered unhealthy for the individual or those with whom they interact.

Clinical legal services

These evaluation and consultation services are used in civil, family, and criminal court matters. Tests use specific measurement strategies, that produce more in-depth accounts of information than is normally captured during a typical clinical evaluation.


Intervention preparation and action is a fluid, ongoing plan which addresses and resolves crisis situations that have overwhelmed family and friends. Intervention services cover the New Jersey and tri-state area.


I have known Cliff Koblin as the dedicated professional he is for over 20 years. He truly cares about the people with whom he works. Cliff is able to adeptly apply his natural empathy along with his ability to encourage clients to demand the best from themselves in living honest, sober and responsible lives.
– Dr. Jim Mastrich, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Chris, from Jabin & Fleming, East Brunswick, NJ

As a criminal defense attorney, I always recommend to my clients with addiction and anger management problems that they see Cliff. I have repeatedly seen changes for the better in my clients. I highly recommend his services!
– Chris, from Jabin & Fleming, East Brunswick, NJ

Opioid Use Epidemic

As a clinician and a person in long-term recovery, I have been involved in this “War on Drugs” for years. Those of us in the trenches see the ongoing tragedy first hand, and at times it can feel as if we are losing the “war.” By committing to services like therapy and doing your part, we can fight this epidemic together.

Treating Teens for Substance Abuse

Treatment professionals have only recently recognized that substance abuse treatment programs for adolescents cannot simply be scaled-down versions of adult programs. Keeping this in mind, my approach with teens is considerably different than the work I do with adults. Teens require a new perspective and that is exactly what I have to offer.

Relapse Isn’t a Willpower Problem

A common misconception is that if an addict relapses, they lack the self-control needed for abstinence. Some people believe addicts are lost causes who are never going to maintain their recovery. This is absolutely not true. I am living proof that there is another way. Together we can break the cycle and work towards a better and more fulfilling life.

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