My first impressions of Cliff Koblin were shaped when I met him approximately 20 years ago as we were both working in the field of mental health and substance abuse. He demonstrated a dedication, perseverance and a passion for sharing his belief in an individuals’ ability to make positive life changes. Because of that and his clinical excellence, many individuals thrive today as a result of his guidance. We not only continue to work closely together as peers, but I also rely on his mentorship in my work with individuals. I do not hesitate to make referrals and recommendations as I trust that these clients will receive the best of care.
– Kurt Kubinski, LCADC

Rochelle Portalatin, LCSW, MSW

I’ve observed Cliff’s work with a diverse population of clients in individual, group, family and couple modalities over the last 15 years. He has shown a strong commitment to providing effective treatment using eclectic training and techniques. He always is honest, authentic, insightful and caring and with the upmost respect for all his clients.

In addition he is a wonderful collaborator and we have  cooperatively worked together using our own differing areas of expertise to offer our clients the specialized and highest quality of work.
– Rochelle Portalatin, LCSW, MSW

Dr. Jim Mastrich, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor

I have known Cliff Koblin as the dedicated professional he is for over 20 years. He truly cares about the people with whom he works. Cliff is able to adeptly apply his natural empathy along with his ability to encourage clients to demand the best from themselves in living honest, sober and responsible lives.
– Dr. Jim Mastrich, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Dory Rachel Director of Community Services Advanced Health and Education

Cliff’s passion and expertise led me to send many adolescents, families and adults to him for continued care. He is a “go to” resource without question. In recent months, we were able to collaborate in an intervention. Always an unknown situation, Cliff guided the entire family through with good preparation and support throughout the process. Cliff is a solid professional in our field. I highly recommend his services.
– Dory Rachel, Director of Community Services, Advanced Health and Education

Gerald Groves Jr., MD

I have known Cliff Koblin for over twenty years. Whenever I encounter a patient who suffers from addiction or chemical dependency I refer to him, whether the patient has coexisting psychiatric conditions or not. We have an established collaborative relationship and share in the best possible treatment for our clients.
– Gerald Groves Jr., MD

Sharon Fleischman R.N., MA

One of the most difficult jobs of being a SAC was finding excellent treatment resources. Lucky for my students I found Cliff Koblin. He has provided excellent treatment for my students and their families. He connects so well with the students that even the recalcitrant ones like seeing him. His clinical skills are outstanding as evidenced by the success of the treatment he provides. I guess the best measure of how good the treatment Cliff provides is that I would send a member of my own family!
– Sharon Fleischman R.N., MA, Director of Adolescent Services, Advanced Health and Education

David Meyers MA, LPC, LCADC, SAC

In my role as the North Brunswick Township Student Assistance Counselor for the past 14 years as well as a practitioner in the helping professional field for the past 30 years, I am able to share  honest,  factual and reliable statements of Cliff’s commitments and many talents and services. Cliff’s insight  and counseling skills have assisted many of our students in the path of awareness, recovery and positive growth. The best that I can do for many of our students and their families who are in need of counseling services is to refer them to Cliff Koblin. I know from multiple referrals over the past 14 years  that each individual and family has received a professional, competent and  compassionate counseling experiencing.
– David Meyers MA, LPC, LCADC, SAC

Vivian Gleeson SAC

As a Student Assistance Counselor at Immaculata High School, I value our working relationship with Cliff because he is a unique resource. Young people and their families will be coached, educated, challenged and supported in any situation. He is exceptional.
– Vivian Gleeson SAC, Director of Crisis Management, Immaculata High School

Terry Cronin, LCADC, BRI II

Addiction issues can be complicated by co-occurring issues. It is not easy to find a therapist who understands both. To my relief I have found that Cliff “gets it.” This has expanded my ability to assist my referral base. Thanks Cliff.
– Terry Cronin, LCADC, BRI II, Vice President of Marketing, Adolescent & Adult Addiction Treatment

Chris, from Jabin & Fleming, East Brunswick, NJ

As a criminal defense attorney, I always recommend to my clients with addiction and anger management problems that they see Cliff. I have repeatedly seen changes for the better in my clients. I highly recommend his services!
– Chris, from Jabin & Fleming, East Brunswick, NJ

Linda Surks, BS, CPS Coordinator, Coalition for Healthy Communities National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) of Middlesex County

Cliff Koblin is a highly respected and professional clinician who makes a strong impression on his clients. A recent conversation with some college students included this unsolicited comment:  Cliff is really great. He’s helped a lot of my friends.’
– Linda Surks, BS, CPS Coordinator, Coalition for Healthy Communities National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) of Middlesex County