Couple or family therapy is a process that allows the opportunity to identify and resolve issues, improve communication and facilitate trust, in a supportive and results-oriented environment.

Each therapy session can be targeted towards treating a variety of problems, including:

  • mental health
  • addiction
  • grief and loss
  • resistance to change
  • anger or stress
  • and other issues

A stressor that negatively affects one member of the family can grow to impact the entire family as a unit. This increases the likelihood of feelings of stress or disconnect, which produce conflict and tension that need to be addressed with professional assistance.

To address these issues, result-oriented couple and family therapy use a variety of different therapeutic approaches that bridge the gaps in communication and promotes respect, integrity, trust, rapport and healing for all members. This process will also address co-dependency or enabling issues that any couple or family member may experience, using a variety of relationship building techniques.

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