individual counseling in New JerseyI offer individual counseling in New Jersey for those who have already begun the process of recovering from addiction. Substance abusers and those suffering from addiction often engage in counter-productive or otherwise destructive behavior. These compulsive behaviors typically involve both psychological and emotional components.

Individual Counseling Program

Individual counseling is a therapeutic process that allows an individual to identify, process and resolve issues that are preventing them from achieving their goals or leading a normal lifestyle. Situations that are creating disturbances in the client’s life are addressed in a framework that prioritizes trust and support for the individual. My approach to therapy introduces resources that stimulate recovery through stress reduction, direction and relaxation training.

People may abuse substances or express compulsive behavior in a subconscious attempt to conceal feelings of depression, anxiety, or inadequacy. Although the road to recovery is not an easy one, many who have succeeded in “staying clean and sober” or overcoming their compulsions have felt as though an enormous weight has been lifted and are able to appreciate a healthier lifestyle.

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