I provide clinical legal services and forensic psychology evaluations to identify mental health, alcohol and substance abuse and related concerns for individuals and their families. Results from evaluations can be utilized to provide services pertaining to child custody and parenting concerns. In many cases reports are provided as part of attorney consultation services. I also provide a variety of counseling services to individuals and families involved in the legal system. My work is primarily focused in central New Jersey (Somerset, Middlesex, Hunterdon, Mercer County) and the broader tri-state area.

Clinical legal services combine aspects of both counseling and the law, resulting in services that are “forensic” in nature. Forensic means to answer questions that are of special interest to the legal system.

These evaluation and consultation services are used in civil, family and criminal court matters. The tests require specific measurement strategies, which produce a more in-depth account of information than is normally captured during a typical clinical evaluation.

I use evidence based statistically significant measurements to support all reports and monitoring services. I also conduct interventions and treatment referral services to provide counseling for individuals and families involved with the legal system.

These services are used for criminal, family and municipal court proceedings. Evaluations and reports are also used to provide clinical diagnostic information and independent reviews to attorneys and other professionals in civil legal matters.

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